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Charity & non-profit external audit

We have a proven track record of delivering cost-effective, risk focused and efficient external audits to charities and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, working to tight deadlines.

We understand that charities seek more than the statutory audit opinion and so we aim to provide constructive feedback on matters arising from the external audit process.

Audit approach

planning is key – early pre-audit meetings allow us to identify new risk areas or changes to your procedures, direct resources appropriately and arrange practicalities such as mutual agreement of the audit timetable

tailored charity audit programme - we use a charity audit programme which is tailored to client requirements, it is flexible to allow us to concentrate on the specific risks identified during planning

a pragmatic approach towards adjusting errors identified in the accounts, we will be happy to discuss the materiality levels that we set each year with you

documenting and testing - we will robustly document and test your systems and controls

issues arising - are raised early and resolved

constructive advice - via a management letter, taking into account your resources and sector of operation

efficient process and controls – the experience of the audit team and breadth of client base means that the audit process is carried out efficiently with the correct controls in place

keeping in touch - the Audit Director and Manager are actively involved in every stage of the audit process

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