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Charity advisory services

Charities make a promise to their communities of supporters, beneficiaries and funders. These communities, the general public and the regulator seek increasing transparency about how the promise is delivered. 

Our approach to providing charity advisory services is pragmatic and recognises the context of challenges that charities face. We also recognise that charities may be able to source pro bono advice and support. However, the Charity Commission’s guidance on Trustees’ Responsibilities states that Trustees must “Consider getting external professional advice on all matters where there may be material risk to the charity, or where the trustees may be in breach of their duties

Our team can provide advice to charities on issues arising throughout the strategic planning cycle of a charity which can be represented as a time line.

Charity Services Chart

We publish regular blog articles on current issues. This is just a selection of recent and/or relevant articles:

In addition to hosting generic sector update seminars, usually with charity specialist legal firms, we can also create and deliver training sessions tailored for your charity to include the following topics:

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular circumstances.