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Your annual audit may be a statutory necessity but it doesn''t have to be a stressful experience.

We believe that the time taken to build a working relationship with each client minimises disruption and keeps costs down so we don't need to keep re-inventing the wheel every year.

Even if you do not require an audit by law, there may be times when you are called upon to undertake one. For instance, if your stakeholders have indicated that they want to be confident the figures you have presented are accurate.

What we do

Critchleys has a proven track record of delivering audit reporting to our clients to tight deadlines.

The planning of the audit is a very important part of the process. We agree an audit timetable with you, in order to direct resources where they are most relevant and to keep costs within acceptable limits.

Special situations

We are able to carry out audits under Solicitors Accounts Rules and special Financial Services audits for financial brokers and advisers.

If you are selling your business then Critchleys'' auditors can carry out an independent audit as part of the corporate finance process.

If your company is regulated by ATOL, Critchleys LLP is licensed to carry out ATOL reporting work and Caroline Webster is a licensed practitioner.

Tax compliance, computations and self assessment

We provide experienced teams to do the paperwork as part of the audit and accounts process.