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Critchleys Business Angel Community

For High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors becoming a Business Angel offers new opportunities for investment.

The role of the Business Angel varies from investment to investment – some Angels prefer very active involvement whereas others choose to assist from afar. As well as hoping to enjoy capital growth or a regular income stream from their investment, Angels can also benefit from various income, capital gains and inheritance tax incentives.

In addition to the financial motivation, there is also the attraction of ‘giving something back’ to the business community, and the thrill of being involved in an entrepreneurial business venture.

Successful ventures can yield significant returns to the Business Angel. Businesses seeking angel investment are usually of an early stage, high growth nature. As well as investing money, Business Angels are often encouraged to also offer their experience, skills and contacts to the business.

What we do

Critchleys Corporate Finance team regularly advise early stage businesses across all sectors seeking Business Angel finance and Business Angels considering investments. We maintain close links with banks, lawyers, private equity houses and early stage businesses to ensure we have access to every available opportunity.

Through our extensive network of professional contacts we keep ourselves informed of any new business and investor opportunities.

As a result of our experiences and links we have decided to set up Critchleys Business Angel community – the aim of this is to link early stage businesses with investors and also create a community of like-minded investors who can meet, network and share experiences with each other.

Critchleys Business Angel community event
21 January 2010

Critchleys corporate finance team hosted the inaugural Critchleys Business Angel community event at the newly renovated Ashmolean.

Over 30 high-net worth and sophisticated investors attended which represented an excellent start for a very exciting new initiative.

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If you would be interested in joining Critchleys Business Angel community please contact Gail Scott on 01865 261156 to arrange an initial consultation.