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Gerry Jackson - Director


Gerry is a Chartered Tax Advisor and ex-Inspector of Taxes.
Gerry joined Critchleys 20 years ago, since when he has helped businesses, individuals and even charities with their tax problems. He often gets involved in major transactions, like business sales, where sometimes the way the transaction is carried out can affect the tax liability, and his role is to get the best result for our clients.

Other than that, he helps with all aspects of tax planning, and gets involved when clients come to Critchleys because things have gone wrong with HMRC.

His greatest strength, however, is to be able to explain complicated tax issues so that people can understand them, and help them decide what is the best for them.

Long ago, before he was an Inspector of Taxes, he was a teacher, and he still likes to do some lecturing on the subject of tax.

When he’s not working he likes (among other things) playing poker, listening to music (his tastes are wide), and taking part in quizzes.

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