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Moving Abroad

Leaving the UK to take up tax residence overseas is not to be undertaken lightly. However we are fortunate in having the in-house expertise to give up-to date advice on the strategy of H M Revenue & Customs, who have recently toughened up their approach in this area.

However it is not only UK tax that should be considered. Most overseas jurisdictions also have tax regimes of their own, which can work very differently (and expensively!) for those who simply plan with UK considerations in mind.

The legal principles that apply overseas can also differ significantly from our own, and can significantly affect other issues in addition to taxation, for example the purchase of real estate property and the manner in which assets can be given or left to other family members.

We are extremely fortunate in being members of the Jeffreys Henry International Group (JHI), which is represented in most of the principal countries throughout the world, and which access to accounting and tax services across the globe, particularly in Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

In addition, we forge links with legal firms whom we have selected because of their particular ability to handle legal and tax issues in their own homeland. This has enabled us to ensure that the advice we give our clients is truly joined up and not purely 'UK Centric'.

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