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Incentive payments for hiring a new Apprentice

Incentive payments for hiring a new Apprentice

The government has introduced new incentive payments for hiring a apprentices to help organisations offer new apprenticeships.

How much is it?

£3,000 per apprentice

When can I apply?

Between 11th January 2022 and 15th May 2022

Which apprentices does the payment relate to?

New apprentices with an employment start date between 1st October 2021 and 31st January 2022.  The apprenticeship start date must also be between 1st October 2021 and 31st March 2022.

Applications for apprentices who started employment between April and September 2021 are now closed.

How do I apply for the payment?

To receive the full payment, the apprentice must remain employed by you and on their apprenticeship for at least one year.

What can I use the payment for?

The payment (which is different from apprenticeship levy funds) can be spent on anything to support your organisation’s costs. For example, on uniforms, your apprentice’s travel or their salary. It does not have to be paid back.

When will I get the funds?

The payment is made in 2 equal instalments for each apprentice – the apprentice must complete 90 days of their apprenticeship to qualify for the first payment, 365 days of their apprenticeship for the remaining payment. Payments will be subject to verification which will take time, but details of their due dates will be available to view on the applications page of your apprenticeship account.

Where can I get more information on how to apply?


If you are considering employing an apprentice and need help with their contract of employment, why not contact Sean Lovett, our Lead HR Advisor.



First Published 7 January 2022
Last Updated 7 January 2022

7 January 2022
First published.

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