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2021/22 End of Tax Year Planning

2021/22 End of Tax Year Planning

Here are my top tax year end planning tips:

  • Take advantage of your £20k Tax free ISA allowance
  • If saving for your children, take advantage of their tax free junior ISA allowance of £9k pa
  • Explore fully funding your pension scheme in order to get tax relief at your highest marginal tax rate. If annual income is over £100k pa, good planning can achieve up to 60% in tax relief!
  • Find ways to utilise your annual £12.3k tax-free capital gains tax allowance. Use it or lose it…
  • If you are married, consider transferring income-generating assets to the lower-earning spouse
  • Make sure you are utilising your annual £12,570 tax-free personal allowance
  • Explore investing into assets that generate dividends, as you can earn £2k per annum tax-free
  • Explore investing into venture capital trusts and enterprise investment schemes, in order to get 30% income tax relief
  • Make gifts to reduce the value of your estate. The annual gift allowance, lets you give up to £3k immediately free of Inheritance tax (IHT) and up to £6k if you forgot last year
  • Seek advice from a qualified professional as needed

What should you do next?

Please do get in touch to discuss this further. Call us on 01865 261100 or via email.

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Jason  McGuigan

Jason McGuigan

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