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Setting up a limited company in the UK

Setting up in the UK

There are many strategic and logistical reasons why an overseas company would look to set up an office or a business in the UK. At Critchleys we understand these needs and have helped many international trades establish their UK bases so that they are able to grow and maximise their expansion.

Benefits of an overseas trade setting up in the UK

With the attraction of the UK being a geographic bridge between North America and Europe, having an active labour market and comparably low corporation tax rates, the UK is a prime location for an overseas company to set up a new operation.

The benefits of setting up in Oxford draws much attention, with the accessibility to highly skilled staff, a network of businesses specialising in advancing research and technologies and access to key transport links all upon our doorstep to name just a few.

How we can help?

As Oxford’s leading firm of accountants and tax advisors, we are able to ensure all UK based legislative items and taxation affairs are considered and adhered to.

These items include:

  • Setting up the new UK entity, whether it be a new limited company, a subsidiary company or a branch.
  • Registering and applying for all necessary UK taxes such as PAYE payroll taxes, VAT and corporation tax.
  • Advising on taking on UK based staff and the HR and pension items to be considered

We will also discuss with you any other items required such as:

  • Setting up a UK bank account
  • Setting up a UK based office
  • Accessing finance in the UK

We also enjoy working closely with our clients undertaking:

  • The UK finance function, adapting each service to the needs of the client
  • UK tax advisory pieces regarding the UK operation and the trading group
  • UK Research and development tax claims and discussing when making a claim would be appropriate
  • Set up of UK employee share incentive schemes

Get in touch

There are many things to think about when exploring the idea of setting up a business in the UK. If you are an international business looking to either set up in the UK, expand existing operations or simply ensure all filings are made as appropriate, we can help you.

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Jen is the Head of our Business Services team and would love to discuss how Critchleys can help you.

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