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Payroll is one of those things you just want to get right. We're experts at getting Payroll done right and on time.

An accurate and reliable payroll system is one of the backbones of your business.

How we can help with payroll

We make payroll easy for businesses of all sizes across Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley. We have more than 25 years' experience delivering outsourced payroll services, providing a full range of benefits and efficiencies as a result. See what we can do for you:

Guaranteed payroll accuracy

We'll make sure your staff are paid the right amount, on time. Your teams expect their funds to be in their bank account on payday, and by outsourcing to us this is a given. We guarantee your staff will be paid correctly on the right date. You'll no longer have to worry about payroll staff absences, miscalculations or human error. We're here to do the job 100% accurately for you, looking after your employees and maintaining staff satisfaction and retention.

Legislative changes

Keeping up with legislative changes in the world of payroll can be a challenge. You might need to send your payroll staff on expensive courses, or trust they'll do their homework and keep on top of what they need to know themselves. This could be a risk for your business and if compliance isn't managed correctly you could be facing expensive fines. We can help. Our knowledgeable team is fully trained on all aspects of payroll legislation, it's what we do every single day and we are proud to offer what we believe is the most accurate and up-to-date outsourced payroll support in the marketplace today. We're a team you can trust and we'll make sure you avoid any costly legislative pitfalls.

Relax, it's on us

We're always here for you. You don't need to worry about us going on holiday, being sick or leaving you to your own devices. You can call on us at any time with your payroll questions and requirements and we'll be here to support you. We don't just organise your payroll, we'll give you peace of mind and bags of support and advice. Leave us to do the job and you can get on with other objectives: business growth and the future!

We'll save you money

We're an experienced and efficient team so managing your payroll is simple for us and not an expensive process. You'll also free up your staff from time consuming payroll tasks that may have taken them days, saving valuable resource hours - and you can forget about paying for expensive payroll software, training and printing all those payslips! We offer easy to understand fees and there are absolutely no hidden costs.

"Critchleys HR and Payroll have proved to be an invaluable time saving asset through their support with payroll, employee contracts and guidance with staff issues."

Our fully managed payroll service

With our fully managed payroll service your payroll will be completely taken care of by a Critchleys expert, so your finance team can forget about the finer points of PAYE rules and regulations. And unlike most payroll bureaux our fully managed service also includes payroll calculations and even liaising with HMRC on your behalf. You'll have a named Critchleys adviser who will work with you and get to grips with all your terms and conditions. This is a completely pain free and fully managed payroll service, no stress or resource required.

Looking for P11D and additional financial advice? Not a problem with the Critchleys team.

Payroll and auto enrolment integration

Ideal for smaller organisations is our payroll and auto enrolment service where we also act as HR advisors and can provide seamless services between HR, payroll and pension administration. We can be your 'one stop shop' HR, payroll and pensions services provider. We'll support and look after your company so you can focus on the road ahead.

Why Critchleys for payroll processing?

Our clients work with us for our personal service, our friendly approach, our extensive knowledge and our qualified, experienced and highly reliable team. Put simply, we'll make payroll easy for you and we won't let you down. With our cutting edge payroll portal, a member of your team will be able to access your company's payslips and our communications on their mobile phone or tablet - for anywhere, anytime payroll access. So we even reduce the amount of paper you use and support flexible working styles.

  • Our client base is made up of long-standing and new customers, many of which have found us through word of mouth and business referrals. Our customers are happy customers!
  • We'll meet the needs of your business, big or small. We're a modern organisation so we can be flexible to accommodate employers with small, medium or large payrolls
  • We'll efficiently transfer data to and from your payroll systems and produce payroll and financial reports in a format that can be easily imported and understood

Why outsource your payroll?

There are many benefits of outsourcing to a payroll provider, in particular in areas where legislation and a failure to comply can incur heavy fines. Outsourcing eliminates risk, offers peace of mind and somewhere to turn to if you're in need of payroll support or advice. By outsourcing to Critchleys you won't need to worry about your payroll team's absences or holidays and your staff not getting paid. We also offer auto enrolment as part of the payroll package so for many companies that's a very useful additional extra.

Payroll support is what we do, providing efficiency, accuracy and knowledge. We can also provide bespoke payroll consultancy for a pre-arranged fee.

Have a chat with Sara Robinson, one of our Senior Payroll Managers

I'd love to see how my team can help with your payroll needs.

Call me on 01865 261100

Have a chat with Sara Robinson, one of our Senior Payroll Managers

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