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Lawrence King

Lawrence is Head of Business Recovery and Insolvency.
He provides advice to creditors, directors, debtors and shareholders alike. He particularly focuses on turnaround where possible.

Lawrence King

Lawrence is Head of Business Recovery and Insolvency

Lawrence King is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

Heading up the BRI offering at Critchleys, Lawrence provides advice to directors, debtors, shareholders and creditors alike with an emphasis on turnaround where possible.

With a background in investigative recovery work, he may, on occasion, obtain recoveries for the benefit of creditors when on first appearance there seem to be no apparent assets within the relevant insolvent party's estate. Recent examples of such work include review of the validity of second charges over residential property in a bankruptcy context and recovery of preferential payments to associated companies in a liquidation.

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In my dealings with the Critchleys BRI team, I have always found them to be friendly, professional, thorough and out to achieve the best result for creditors.


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You can call Lawrence on 01865 261100

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