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Digital Business Masterclass

with Xero co-founder Gary Turner

Digital Business Masterclass

Xero Masterclass with Gary Turner

In 2006, a small team got together in New Zealand to disrupt the way business accounting was done. They created Xero, a cloud based platform that radically reimagined how businesses could manage their own accounting. 

12 years on, and their impact has been breath-taking.

Their operating revenue last year was £406 million. They have nearly 1.4 million subscribers in 180 countries worldwide. And in the last financial year, $2.15 trillion in transactions were recorded across the Xero platform.

In our interview with Gary Turner (one of Xero's Co-Founders and MD for the UK, Middle East and Africa) we discuss Xero's remarkable growth, what it has taught them, and the opportunity that the digital revolution now offers all businesses everywhere.

You can watch the highlights of our interview below or listen in full to the interview.

Episode 1

Gary shares a vital success principal for hypergrowth businesses: ensure your mission really resonates with your team...

Watching time: 4 minutes

Episode 2

Will the digital future will favour big or small businesses?

Watching time: 1:50 minute

Episode 3

What is the "digital world", and what does it means for business owners today?

Watching time: 4 minutes

Episode 4

How is the digital revolution challenging traditional accountancy?

Watching time: 2:50 minutes

Episode 5

Why do Xero team members wear t-shirts?! Fashion, fun or something more important?

Watching time: 1:30 minutes

Episode 6

Will we be able to do business banking from within Xero itself, and if so, when?

Watching time: 2:30 minutes

Episode 7

Xero has been disrupting traditional business for more than 10 years. Do you want to keep disrupting in the future? 

Watching time: 2:50 minutes

Episode 8

In this final episode Gary Turner shares 2 top digital business book recommendations. Find out his choice for a timeless classic and a recent hit...

Watching time: 3:30 minutes 

Listen to the full interview

Listen to the full audio interview with Gary Turner by clicking on the player below


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How can Critchleys help?
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