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Patent box

The Patent Box provides a lower effective corporate tax rate of 10% on profits attributable to UK or certain European patents. This is a lot lower than the normal corporation tax rate and can mean large corporation tax savings for companies that hold or license patents. R&D and Patent Box work together to support the creation lifecycle of a UK business.

The Patent Box is available to all companies who:

  • Hold or exclusively license a granted UK or European patent
  • Meet the substance requirements of the regime – the development and active ownership conditions

We have a wealth of experience maximising patent box claims and advising businesses in line with other claims such as R&D tax credits and other reliefs available for innovative companies.

Have a chat with Ian Timms, our Head of Business Tax

If you would like to find out more about R&D tax cedits, please get in touch.

Call Ian on 01865 261100.

Have a chat with Ian Timms, our Head of Business Tax

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