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Live from the Hive

Live from the Hive

If you have ever attended a webinar or conference call, you'll know how painful they can be. Poor quality sound, visuals and very little opportunity to interact with other attendees or the host. 

The Oxford HIVE ("Hub for International Virtual Education") is a cutting edge virtual learning and video conferencing suite based at the Said Business School. It's currently one of only two in the world today, so we jumped at the chance to see it in action.

We understand the HIVE will be available to Oxford based Businesses and Organisations to use. Imagine using this for your next board meeting, investor pitch or training session! 

Have a look at the video we shot this morning to see it in action...

(You may need to unmute the video to hear the sound)

And here is a video that gives you a great sense of the tool at work:

To find out more contact Verity Donovan at the Said Business School.

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