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Is money stress making you unwell?

Is money stress making you unwell?

Jessica McGuigan is launching her #MillennialMoney poll today. If you are in your 20s/early 30s, would you take 2 minutes to let me know if money stress is making you unwell? (It's totally anonymous BTW).

Click here to add your voice: #MillennialMoney poll


Are money worries making us ill? We are asking because this is what a poll published last week by HuffPost UK and BBC Radio 5 Live claims.

They polled 1000 Millennials (that's people aged from early 20s to mid 30s) to explore the connection between financial stress and mental health.

Here are their headlines:

1. First, money worries are making us unwell. Over half of those 20 somethings polled said that money pressure is impacting their mental health
2. Second, we're not saving. 65 % of respondents had less than £500 in savings and nearly 1/3 had no savings at all

If you are a millennial, would you take 5 minutes to add your voice to this survey? AND would you ask a friend or colleague to reply too? It's totally anonymous and we'll report back on the results soon. 

Jessica McGuigan

Jessica McGuigan

Jessica is a Financial Planner for Critchleys Financial Planning LLP.

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