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Confessions of a Bookkeeper

Confessions of a Bookkeeper
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Today, we're going to spill the beans: we're exposing the 4 most common mistakes businesses make in their bookkeeping. 

Our experts today are Becky Dixon and Steve Reeve. They have 9 years of bookkeeping experience between them and have worked with over 50 companies, from £multi-million giants to sole traders.

There are 2 key take-aways:

1) The same 4 errors come up time and time again irrespective of business size 

2) These mistakes can be seriously costly. Decreased profit, bad management information and penalty fines can be the unhappy result.

So, take 10 minutes to have a listen - and see if any of these errors sound familiar!

P.S. We mention VAT in this podcast. If you want to dig into a bit more detail on VATable expenses, check out "Can we have our Board Meeting in Bali?" with the ever popular Gerry Jackson...


Becky and Steve are part of the Critchleys' Outsourcing team led by Josie Trainor. They help lots of businesses with routine work like bookkeeping, VAT returns and management accounts.

Find out more about Josie Trainor

Josie  Trainor

Josie Trainor

Josie is the Head of Outsourcing.

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