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Engaging young people in Financial Planning

Engaging young people in Financial Planning

Why are there so few female financial planners? This is what I'm discussing today in my 2nd vlog/video.

As I think back to all the financial planning events I have been to, women usually make up 10 - 15% of the room. Why is this?

We need to attract more young people - and young women in particular - into financial planning, both as a practice and for some, as a career.

To do that, I believe we need to change the way young people perceive Financial Planning and the school subjects that lead to it. For example, it seems to me that subjects like maths, business studies and economics still have a 'suits and briefcases' association which is certainly offputting to young women.

If that's true, that's got to change. Do you agree?

(PS: In my next vlog, I'll be heading out to a local secondary school to talk with some young people directly. I can't wait to hear what they have to say!)


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Jessica McGuigan

Jessica McGuigan

Jessica is a Financial Planner for Critchleys Financial Planning LLP.

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