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2 BIG Reasons to talk about R&D Tax Credits

2 BIG Reasons to talk about R&D Tax Credits

Does your business make something new or make something better?

If so, then you might be able to benefit from R&D tax credits - which could mean a significant payment back to your business from HMRC.

The idea is simple: the government wants to reward UK businesses that innovate. So, if you are developing something new, such as a product, an algorithm or a manufacturing process then R&D tax credits mean you could receive as much as 30% of your R&D spend back.

However, many UK businesses that could qualify haven’t applied. And  other businesses that do benefit from R&D tax credits aren’t receiving the full amount they are due.

If you would like to find out more, have a listen to our podcast conversation with Ian Timms, the Head of Business Tax at Critchleys (click on the podcast player above to listen). He has helped businesses of all sizes receive significant amounts of money back through the R&D tax credit system.

If you’d like to chat this through with Ian directly, you can call him on 01865 261100 or email him on

Please note that this is for information only. No actions should be taken without seeking professional advice.

Find out more about Ian Timms

Ian Timms

Ian Timms

Ian is the Head of Business Tax at Critchleys LLP.

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