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Are you too busy? Here's a smart way to free up your time.

Are you too busy? Here's a smart way to free up your time.
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You didn't go into business to spend lots of time reconciling, bookkeeping and administrating did you?

Yet that's what often happens. As your business grows, so does the amount of financial admin you have to do. Bookkeeping, bank rec, VAT returns and management accounts can eat up your time and increase your stress.

And even when all the 'numbers' are up to date, many business owners don't always know how to use them to spot ways to make business better.

If that's familiar, have a listen to Becky and Jo today. They share a smart way to:

  • stop falling behind
  • stop spending too much time on the books 
  • free up time for your main business
  • turn numbers into business boosting insights


Becky and Jo are part of the Critchleys' Outsourcing team led by Josie Trainor. They help lots of businesses with routine work like bookkeeping, VAT returns and management accounts.

Find out more about Josie Trainor

Josie  Trainor

Josie Trainor

Josie is the Head of Outsourcing.
She has over 35 years' experience she is well qualified to look after your bookkeeping, quarterly VAT returns, management accounts and forecasts so you have time to focus on your business.

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