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Payroll FAQs

What does the Critchleys LLP payroll managed service include in the one price?

  • Critchleys payroll processing fee is based on the frequency of your pay run and the number of employees on your payroll.
  • Therefore, the fee will increase/decrease depending on your monthly headcount.
  • The one payroll fee includes everything in the payroll process from adding starters and processing leavers, to sickness, maternity, static changes and variable changes and includes payslips on our online portal, p45s, all year end processing and p60s.

Are there any additional costs apart from the normal payroll processing fee?

  • Yes, there are additional costs depending on any additional services you may require.
  • For instance, the application for a PAYE scheme is an additional cost, BACS Processing, auto enrolment pension management etc.
  • Please see our payroll brochure for more information about our additional services.

Why is Critchleys more expensive per employee that a regular payroll bureau?

  • With a larger payroll bureau as a client you be given a time slot only for your payroll processing and charged for each additional run of the payroll. These additional costs can far outweigh our normal payroll processing fee.
  • We here at Critchleys pride ourselves on our personalised and attentive 1 on 1 service with our clients.
  • As a payroll client you will have a dedicated payroll administrator who will quickly become an invaluable member of your company.
  • Our payroll administrators are also CIPP qualified and are trained to support and guide you in the right direction with regards to PAYE legislation and staying within the law.
  • You can also contact your administrator at any time by email or phone or arrange to come into our centralised offices in Oxford if you would like a more one-on-one discussion about any payroll matters.
  • Your administrator is also there when you need that second opinion or reassurance that what you are doing is correct.

Why should companies outsource their payroll function? Wouldn’t it be easier to run in house?

  • Since the introduction of RTI and auto enrolment payroll legislation has become much more complex with new processes and legislation being introduced in each tax year.
  • Gone are the days of payroll being a simple admin function as payroll processing is now closely linked to the skills of accountancy and should be carried out by a qualified CIPP member.
  • Hosting payroll in house is an additional cost for employers as they will have to purchase payroll software which is usually an annual license fee from a chosen provider.
  • Also, there is no sickness cover running a payroll in house should anything happen to the current administrator there would be an immediate contingency issue in arranging cover for the payroll.
  • Employing a payroll administrator is also a large additional cost to employers as the job role becomes more and more skilled and sort after.  
  • Payroll management requires constant additional training and update courses which can be expensive to fund throughout the tax year.
  • Making year-to-date payroll errors can become very difficult and costly for employers to retrospectively fix if you are not sure how to put the payroll right.
  • Data errors can also land employers on HMRC’s watch list which could trigger an investigation or non-compliance fines.
  • With the introduction of auto enrolment the payroll process has become more cumbersome and complicated and getting pension incorrect can lead to significant fines from The Pensions Regulator.
  • Outsourcing the payroll function can alleviate this stress allowing employers to concentrate on their core business.  

Does Critchleys manage the auto enrolment process for clients from start to finish?

  • Yes, if you take our additional pension management package then Critchleys will set up a pension scheme for you and manage the auto enrolment process from start to finish.
  • This includes, AE assessment letters and eligibility check, auto enrolment, opting in, opting out, re-enrolment, processing opt out refunds and uploading pension files to your chosen pension provider.

Do you offer just payroll consultation services if we as an employer ever needed assistance with our payroll?

  • Yes, we do also offer a payroll consultation service should employers need assistance in a particular area of payroll.
  • These fee’s are charged by the hour which will be discussed when you initially contact us.
  • Many employers seek additional assistance in areas of payroll such as: PAYE set up checks, payroll health check, benefits in kind, working abroad, maternity, auto enrolment, shares, HMRC PAYE consolidation etc.
  • Sometimes these projects will also involve other areas of the business for their expertise if necessary such as business tax or business services depending on the query.

What if we are not a current Critchleys client and just want to use Critchleys for payroll? Is this possible?

  • Yes, Critchleys Payroll Services is a separate department here at Critchleys therefore there is no need to already be a current client.
  • As a new payroll client we will carry out an initial routine money laundering check and then set you up for payroll services only.

As a company do you offer site visits to discuss the payroll implementation or can you as part of the ongoing payroll assessment?

  • Yes, as a business it is routine for our team to carry out an annual health check with our clients to make sure they are happy with our service and to iron out any issues.
  • This can be done at our office, via teams or zoom, or in person at your company offices and is down to the client’s preference.

How long has Critchleys LLP been processing payrolls for clients?

  • The Critchleys payroll bureau has been processing payrolls for more than 20 years and has gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge over time within the payroll sector.
  • The bureau is expertly equipped to handle all payroll types and queries.

Does Critchleys process any foreign payrolls such as Irish or US?

  • Currently Critchleys only processes UK based payrolls which includes any direct payment schemes should non-UK employers employ employees in the UK.
  • However, should this be a requirement the bureau can assist employers in setting up these schemes with other outsourced providers.