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5 reasons to outsource your HR advice

5 reasons to outsource your HR advice

It has become increasingly common for businesses with 50 or fewer employees to outsource their HR advice as a way of saving money and allowing them to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Below, we discuss just 5 of the key benefits of outsourcing HR advice:

1. Frees up time to concentrate on business growth

Grievances, disciplinary actions and sickness absences are just three of the internal issues that can take up huge amounts of time and distract you from your business’s main goals. By outsourcing your HR advice, you can free up that time and focus more on sales and business growth.

2. Reduces internal risk factors

If you feel that you don’t have anyone in the company with the necessary experience and capabilities to provide the required HR advice, then outsourcing can make the most sense. Having an external company deal with situations first off can save small businesses a lot of hassle by nipping problems in the bud. Many small companies are not aware of the legal risks of getting HR decisions wrong and the costs of defending claims in the employment courts.

3. Saves you money

Having a dedicated HR department or individual can be costly if there isn’t a consistent need for their support. By using an outsourced company, you can sign up to monthly payments or get in touch on a “pay as you go” basis. This is a much cheaper option than having a staff member deal with HR in-house.

4. Provides impartiality

The nature of small business makes it difficult to deal with sensitive situations like disciplinary actions, redundancy or dismissing staff. One of the most beneficial factors of outsourcing HR advice is the impartiality of our advisors. We are able to offer detached and expert advice, ensuring that all situations are dealt with professionally and appropriately.

5. Provides faster solutions

In smaller businesses, HR is often handled by the Finance Director or Office Manager alongside their current roles. An external HR Adviser can focus solely on your HR issues and therefore provide efficient and effective HR solutions.

With over 25 years of experience dealing with HR, our team are confident in providing HR advice for even the most sensitive of situations. We offer HR advice on a “pay as you go” basis or you can sign up to one of our monthly packages to give you access to a qualified HR adviser as and when you need support.

Please contact us today for an informal discussion about your HR needs and how we can support you and your business.