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Ian, Partner

Ian Timms

Ian, Partner

Tell us about your career journey at Critchleys and your current role?

Having qualified as a chartered accountant at another firm, and knowing Critchleys as a well-respected firm in the Oxfordshire and Thames Valley area and the support they offer, I was delighted to join Critchleys in 2013 as a Tax Senior.

For my first two years Critchleys supported my desire to become a Chartered Tax Adviser and I worked on some complex and varied clients, after which I was promoted to Tax Manager. Continuing to work on complex cases and helping many of the Firm’s clients, along with supporting the growth of the tax team and tax advisory function, I was given the opportunity to run the business tax department and most recently became a partner of Critchleys in 2020.

What does being a Partner involve?

My role involves being the lead relationship for various individuals and businesses Critchleys provide a great service to, being a key technical advisor within the tax department and wider firm, helping scope the Firm’s tax strategy for clients and overall offering, marketing and business development in relation to growing the practice, leadership within the Firm as part of the partnership team and, general tax, business and accountancy planning work for individual and business clients.

What types of industries do you work across?

I work across a large number of industries including, R&D entities, life sciences, industrial & construction, farming, land development, property, universities/colleges, charities, media, retail (online and physical), hospitality and various professional services. I also have the pleasure in working for a lot of high-net worth individuals advising them on their family tax planning.

I enjoy working with all my clients and helping them achieve great outcomes. There is added enjoyment in helping clients throughout their whole business and life journey, for example I have helped a number of clients set up a business, obtain investment, develop and grow along with plan and complete an exit, it is very rewarding seeing clients develop professionally and personally and watching them benefit from the great advice we provide. We have many clients that are with us for many years due to the ongoing support we can provide throughout their life.

What types of clients do you work with?

Approximately 150 business (various levels) and more than double that in individuals are under my overall responsibility as Partner. I also have the added privilege to work with all other Partners around the Firm on their clients to scope and advise on their client’s tax strategies and complex tax positions with the aid of a well trusted and very capable team.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and their business plus what they would like to achieve on a deep level so I can provide the best guidance and advice. I also try to offer an open-door policy where clients can call me or drop by anytime and as a result enjoy the working relationship I have with them all. Ultimately, watching my clients achieve great things and being there to help them is the most satisfying.

How has Critchleys supported your development and career growth?

In the early years Critchleys supported and funded my route to Chartered Tax Advisor and gave me exposure to complex tax cases. I was encouraged to undertake complex tax planning work and my  ideas for growth within the business are supported. I’ve also been able to develop my professional networks with the great clients and contacts we work with.

What’s been your biggest career highlight at Critchleys so far?

This type of question leads one to usually look inwards but I see my biggest highlight being able to help lots of colleagues at different levels to achieve their own goals, including seeing some develop as great professionals, helping with studies and obtaining qualifications. Some have moved on in my time which is great seeing them flourish in different environments and some have stayed and are a pleasure to work with still. This has inevitably been a big part of the successful growth seen whilst I have been part of Firm.

For you, what makes Critchleys ‘Critchleys’?

I have always been pushed to put forward my own thoughts, strive to provide better service to clients and others to allow them to provide a better service to clients. In that respect Critchleys has a hard-working culture that encourages people to share their thoughts and rewards going the extra mile.

What are the top 3 things you enjoy about your role, team and Critchleys? 

  • Ability to work on very complex cases with every day being a different challenge.
  • Ability to work with a wide range of clients and professionals that are doing great things.
  • Ability to help colleagues grow and develop.

What challenges have you faced during your career and how did you overcome these?

Inevitably, colleagues leave which can be challenging, however as a Firm we have always looked to ‘grow’ talent by giving others opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges, albeit a nice challenge to have, is the consistent growth within tax that has been achieved. This has been realised by recruiting great people, giving people opportunities to thrive, creating more opportunities for clients and the wider community to benefit from our work, and having a consistent robust approach to business development activities.

What advice would you give to someone at the start of their career?

Just keep learning and tap into the great knowledge that is held around the Firm. Critchleys has always been an environment of helping each other and passing on knowledge. The more you can learn and help our clients with the knowledge gained, the more successful your career will be.

Interested in joining Critchleys?

We are always keen to meet and speak with experienced professionals.

If you would like to explore working with us or just have an informal, no strings attached conversation about potential opportunities, please contact Joanne Drury, our HR and Talent lead.

Interested in joining Critchleys?