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Carer’s Leave

Carer’s Leave

From 6 April 2024, employees with caring responsibilities for a dependant will have a new right to unpaid carers leave. 

What will carers be entitled to under the new law?

  • Employees providing or arranging care for a dependant, with long-term mental or physical health needs will be entitled to one week’s unpaid leave within any 12 month period.
  • There is no minimum service requirement to qualify for this right. 
  • The leave can be used for caring for a dependant who is a spouse, civil partner, child, parent, someone living in the same household, or a person who reasonably relies on the employee to provide or arrange care. 
  • Carers can take this leave in periods of a day or half day, allowing flexibility to suit their caring responsibilities.
  • This right is available from day one of employment.
  • Eligible employees can take up to five days’ carer’s leave per year, either as individual days or half days.
  • Employees will be required to self-certify their eligibility for carer’s leave. No additional evidence needs to be provided to the employer regarding how or for whom the leave is being used.
  • Employees taking carer’s leave will have the same protections against dismissal or detriment as they would if they had taken other types of family-related leave. 

What should I do next?

If you need further information about the new employment right, feel free to reach out to us today by emailing