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The antidote to Brexit anxiety for business owners...

The antidote to Brexit anxiety for business owners...

I know most of you will be fed up hearing about BREXIT. In fact, a study back in April 2019 found that 64% of adults felt Brexit anxiety was impacting on their mental health!*

I'm sure that that figure has only risen since then, so let me keep this as short and painless as possible...

If you are a business owner or leader, then one of the best ways to decrease Brexit dread is to be well prepared. This has been made easier thanks to a really helpful tool from HMRC: answer 7 quick questions to find the latest Brexit guidance relevant for your business.

The government have 183 articles offering Brexit guidance for Businesses, but a lot of it may not apply to your business specifically. So HMRC's 7 question survey acts as a filter, ensuring you find only see the guidance that's relevant to your business.

The questions asked are:

  1. What does your business or organisation do? (You select your sector from a list provided)
  2. What kind of business, if any, does your business do in the EU? (Import, export, Services, Haulage etc)
  3. Do you employ anyone from a European Country?
  4. Do you exchange personal data with another organisation in Europe?
  5. Do you rely on Intellectual Property Protection?
  6. Do you get EU or UK Government funding?
  7. Do you sell your products or services to the public sector?

Why not click on the HMRC link below and give it a go? It may well decrease your Brexit anxiety a little too.

If you would prefer to talk through your specific 'Business Brexit' situation, you are most welcome to get in touch with me directly too - email me on or call me on (01865) 261100.



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