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Can I claim Employment Allowance?

Can I claim Employment Allowance?

Am I able to claim the employment allowance?

You can claim the employment allowance if you have a payroll that has 1 or more employees on it who are not company directors and if your total Class 1 ER NICs amount due in the previous tax year did not exceed £100k. 

You can also back claim the employment allowance currently for up to 4 tax years, back to the 2016-2017 tax year.

If any of the company owners have controlling interest in other companies please be advised that you can only claim the employment allowance against one of your company PAYE schemes.

Further Reading

If you would like more general information, the website has a dedicated section on Employment Allowance, covering elegibility, how to claim, what to claim, and what to do after you have claimed.

What should I do next?

Please contact Marc Taylor if you would like to explore how our dedicated Payroll Team can help you with your specific Employment Allowance Claims.


Published 14 October 2020 
Last Updated 14 October 2020 

14 October 2020
First published.

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