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Should I transfer other funds into my Pension?

Should I transfer other funds into my Pension?

Can you give me some free advice about my pension: should I transfer other funds into it?

Unfortunately, Payroll Professionals are not able to assist with this type of enquiry.

There are many factors that may affect the fund growth of your pension scheme if you were to go ahead and amalgamate funds into a new pension scheme.

That is why it is vital to seek professional advice from a qualified Independent Financial Adviser or Planner before making a decision about fund transfers.

If your pension scheme is a group personal pension scheme through your employer, you should ask your employer for further guidance.

Further Reading

If you would like more general information, the website has a dedicated section on transferring pensions.

What should I do now?

Please contact Marc Taylor if you would like to explore how our dedicated Payroll Team can help you with your specific pension questions.

Published 14 October 2020 
Last Updated 14 October 2020 

14 October 2020
First published.

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