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What is covered within the HR Advice Line service?

  • Email and telephone advice and support

  • Review of contracts, policies and HR processes to ensure continued compliance with legislation

  • HR practice and employment law updates

  • This service also protects your business from the cost of employment claims by providing access to our legal expenses insurance and specialist legal advice through our insurers’ solicitors.

How much is the HR Advice Line service?

The HR Advice Line service starts from £180 per month plus VAT for 1- 10 employees, but it is dependent on employee numbers and sector. The subscription includes the benefit of our legal expenses insurance.

Would I be locked into a long contract for the HR Advice Line?

The HR Advice Line contract is for 12 months and fixed price for a year. If your employee numbers change during the year the fee will remain the same. Any changes in numbers will be discussed before the end of each subscription year and fees adjusted accordingly for the next year. 

How can I pay for the HR Advice Line service?

Either by a single payment or monthly direct debit for the same price.

How much notice do I need to give you to terminate the HR Advice Line contract?

The contract is renewable and for a year at a time. Either party may terminate the contract by giving one months’ notice in writing before the start of the following year’s subscription. 

Are there any other ways of accessing your services?

  • We provide an ad hoc service (pay as you go) giving you access to a qualified and experienced HR Advisor from £150 (plus VAT) for a one off piece of HR advice. We invoice you after the conclusion of the work.

  • We also offer a pre-paid block of time package. This would be for a minimum of 5 hours at £95 per hour (plus VAT). We will log time as it’s used, and inform you when your remaining balance is running low.

  • The legal costs insurance is only available with the HR Advice Line service.

How can I contact you when I need your advice or support?

We are available from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday by telephone or email. Alternatively, we can arrange a Teams or Zoom call, if preferred.

You can contact us directly without having to leave a message or wait for a callback.  

What’s the benefit of Critchleys providing our HR support?

Many small companies can’t often justify having a HR professional in-house, and so can benefit from a qualified and experienced external HR resource. This can be cost effective, enhance skills and knowledge of employment law, improve legislative compliance, and help owners to save time so they can concentrate on their business growth and give peace of mind knowing that they have effective HR backup in place.

Would I be able to visit you?

Yes, by prior appointment only. We appreciate it is easier to talk confidentially away from your business. Our office is only a 2 minute walk from the train station and close to bus links.

Do you provide support to individuals?

We work with business owners and managers.

As an IT Managed Service Provider, we are very conscious of the importance of providing a responsive, friendly and accessible experience to our clients. With Critchleys HR, we know we can get straight through on the phone or email and get expert support, whether to check a point of procedure or discuss a sensitive individual situation. We get access to professional HR support when we need it, talk to people we know and like, and who understand our business. Critchleys HR provides us with the perfect solution.