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Accounting Jargon Explained

Accounting Jargon Explained

What is it?

Accruals, amortisation, bad debts, intangible assets, and prepayments are just a sample of words used by accountants daily.

Accounting is an area that is rife with jargon and unfamiliar terms. What is common knowledge to one person is jargon to someone else. You are not alone if you are left scrambling to find exactly what they mean. According to recent reports, around 40% of business owners surveyed considered themselves to be “extremely” or “very knowledgeable” in the areas of accounting and finance.

This is possibly one reason why large numbers of business owners may lack confidence when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting, even when an accounting software package is used.

Who is it for?

If you have just set up in business and are lost in the quagmire of how to prepare accounts and go forwards, or you are a successful business owner with years of experience but need a helping hand, then we can help. Even if you have accounting software such as Xero or Sage which will capture the transactions for you, we can guide you with the process of identifying, measuring, and reporting your financial information. This will free up your valuable time to generate more income and grow your business.

What should you do next?

Please do get in touch to discuss this further with our Business Services team on 01865 261100 or via email.


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