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HR Case Studies

Scenarios based on situations we have supported and advised our clients on.

Outsourced HR Support

You do not have to be an existing Critchleys client to engage our HR support. And we’re happy to help with one-off projects or situations, or provide long-term support if that suits you best.

Alignment of Employment Contracts

Over the years companies evolve and it is common for employees to be on a variety of different contracts, hours and benefits etc, and for companies not have sufficient time to change and update them.

Alternative to Redundancies

In the last quarter of 2020, one of our clients was weeks away from having to make redundancies, as they couldn’t see any other viable option.

COVID Support

At times clients need to make difficult decisions, and this has been even more challenging with the inevitable changes due to Covid.

Employment Contract Documents

One of our manufacturing clients didn’t have any employment contract documents or basic company policies, and so approached us for our services.

Formal Grievance and Disciplinary Processes

In small companies it is sometimes necessary to provide outside support in safely managing formal grievance or disciplinary processes.

Helping a Client Close their Office

We worked with a client who were looking close their office, as their staff were already either temporarily working from home or were largely field-based.

Local Expert HR Support

Some of our clients with an overseas parent company and a small UK subsidiary have an extra challenge in getting local expert HR support.

Manage Multiple Teams

Following an acquisition our client was at a point where they needed new HR software to help effectively manage their staff both in the UK and in Europe.

Part-Time Staff Contracts

An education sector client needed to take on some part-time staff but were unsure how many hours work per week they needed, and so wanted flexibility in their arrangements.