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Alignment of Employment Contracts

Case Study

Over the years companies evolve and it is common for employees to be on a variety of different contracts, hours and benefits etc., and for companies not have sufficient time to change and update them.

A client approached us to advise and help with the alignment of their employment contracts and harmonisation of the terms and conditions.

We reviewed all the contracts and worked with the client to understand what they wanted to have in place for all staff. We helped them with the consultation process and implementation with staff, with a defined timescale for the revised contracts to be in place. The company was then able to have one standard set of contractual terms and conditions in place, which is easier for managers to work with and feels fair to the employees.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you with something similar, please contact one of our HR Advisors.

Key HR Team Members

Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty is a HR Advisor in our HR team

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